In my articles I refer to the usage of crimp beads to attach a clasp. Using crimp beads is the best cost saving method, however, I favor using  Scrimp Findings which are an alternative to a crimp beads. These are Precision components contain a screw inside the barrel that crimps and holds wires in place. You simply insert Beadalon wire into the Scrimp, through a clasp, and back through the Scrimp and tighten securely. The Scrimp Kit comes with its own screwdriver and ten Scrimp findings with screws. Six additional screws are stored within the handle of the screwdriver. Scrimp findings are a great tool to make your jewelry pieces look more professional.  A watch I made with Scrimp Findings.

Scrimp Findings are very forgiving and allow for easy length and design adjustments from the beginning. You can even make adjustments later if you find a need to do so. If you are using crimp beads and detect an error after you have made the final crimp, then you have to completely disassemble the jewelry piece and start over.

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